These are the tools that I use in my studio.

Lathe: Nova 2024 DVR

Sharpening: I use a Sorby belt sanding system. I really like this system and prefer it over grinding wheels.

Sanding: On most turnings I power sand using  2" and 3" velcro cloth backed disc. The cloth backed are worth the extra money and can be cleaned with an abrasive belt cleaner stick. I also use these by hand for small turnings like pens and bottle stoppers. For hand sanding I use foam backed sanding pads. I find these are very easy to use and give superior results

Finishes: I prefer oil based finishes on most of my turnings and use 3 or more coat's of thined Tung Oil and finished with the Beal Buff wax system For small turnings I use liquid friction polish. On my pens I prefer to use a CA glue finish and a final buff with a pen buffing wheel.

Dust Collection and Filtration: I have a ceiling mounted shop fox 3 speed air filter system. I also have a cyclone system with a pair ofMerv15 Hepa filters. I have a self contained powered dust helmet which is a must. Dust is a deadly element of woodturning.

Carbide Tools: carbide tipped tools are becoming increasingly popular. Since I started using these I find that these are the tools I reach for first. The learning curve on these is very fast. The initial cost can be expensive. I bought my first one and since then I only buy the cutters and make the rest of the tool myself. The Easy Wood tool are excellent made in the USA tools.

Traditional Tools: I try to use High Speed Steel tools made in England and the steel is of the highest quality. My "go to" tool for bowl turning is a Crown Tools "David Ellsworth" bowl gouge.

Deep Hollowing: I have two deep hollowing systems that I have built. One similar to the Brain McEvoy system and one similar to the Jamieson system This will allow me to do vessels up to 36" deep.

Airbrushing: I have just gotten started into doing some airbrushing on my turnings.

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